Please find a few examples of Rangoli in the community below.

Women’s Groups:
I always relish the opportunity of working with a women’s group. The spirit and energy of a room full of women working together in a supportive, creative environment is palpable.

Photograph by Pauline Neild.

In India, Rangoli designs are traditionally completed by the women in the household. It is always an inspiration to me to be able to share my skills and witness a group of women take an hour or two out of their busy schedules to participate in a rangoli workshop, spending time with one another, learning a new artform and focusing their precious energy on themselves.

Photograph by Pauline Neild.

Schools and Formal Education:

Rangoli is a great workshop activity for pupils of age 6 and upwards. Workshops and lesson plans can incorporate elements of history, geography, design and mathematics and can be matched to follow the national curriculum.

Community Groups:
Exodus Refugee Festival, 2005. Refugee groups met once a week, over a period of 8 weeks at Ordsall Community Arts, to create Rangoli designs that were on display at the Festival.

These Floating Rangolis were created for the Diwali Festival at Platt Fields, Manchester, 2005. The workshops were hosted by the Mersey Basin Campaign. After nightfall, the Rangolis were floated on the lake.


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