This new body of work (in progress) is inspired by the Rangoli performances and design work that I do.
Although I have been teaching and performing Rangoli for several years, it is only recently that I have stopped to think about the relationship I have with it and what it means to me.

Close to my workspace, I keep a tiny gridded sketchpad. When I find a space in my day, I jot down a design of what I am thinking using pencil, ruler, and compass. It is in a sense – a doodle of a moment, in a space, in time.

And this is what Rangoli means to me. It is about capturing the essence of a moment. A record of a gap and the spaces that surround that gap.
These are just a few examples of my explorations. I’ll be adding more images so please check back.


2 thoughts on “Artworks

  1. Gowri,
    Your work is beautiful and kind of parallels the work I do with fabric – into comforter or quilt tops though mine is much simpler. And recently my daughter, Sarah, introduced some of the women in our family to art journaling which in some ways is as you describe Rangoli, “a doodle of a moment in a space in time”.
    When are you coming to Ohio again? We, my family, need to connect with some instruction from you and learn more about it.
    Your art is very complex and beautiful. I think our individual styles of art connect us both with God and creation. Blessings as you become involved with preparation for the “River of Light” celebration.

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